Franklin, TN

R.D. Cumming

"A good book has no ending."


I am looking forward to sharing my novel, The Remaining Rune, with you. Countless hours and ridiculous amounts of work go into every book that was ever written, published or not, and this one is no exception. This book was born out of a three-page idea I had for a children’s fable. How it morphed into this magical world within worlds, I’ll never know but am eternally grateful for.

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Storyteller at Heart


My earliest memory of getting lost within the pages of a book was when my fourth-grade teacher read aloud to the class. To the outside world, I probably seemed disinterested, with my head down on my desk and eyes closed. But inside, I was alive in that world, feeling everything just as deeply as the characters. 

Because of that teacher, I became addicted to reading and even began hiding R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books behind my history or math text. On a good day, I could finish an entire book! 

Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said I wanted to be a writer. However, I was often discouraged with responses that being a writer was "not a real job" and encouraged to pick something more practical.

Sadly, I listened, and paid for it by wandering aimlessly through my twenties trying to find a practical profession. After several years, I finally listened to my own voice and went back to college with writing firmly in my mind. Although I wrote several short stories during that time, it was only after graduating from Portland State University, that I began my first novel. It is the novel that I am proud to share with you.  


I’ve always loved adventuring through unknown worlds between the pages of a great book. My goal as an author is to create stories that others get just as deeply invested in as well.



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